Behind Enemy Lines and Other Stories
$8.99eBook: $2.99Audiobook: $6.08
Genres: African Literature, Fiction, Short Stories
Tags: africa, fiction, Recommended Books
Publication Year: 2017
Format: Paperback, hardback, ebook, audiobook
Length: 130 pages, 2hrs 6min audio
Narrator: Joe Ruzvidzo
ASIN: B06W2K3Q57
ISBN: 9781520591858

A soldier navigates his way across hostile territory to a distant safe house; a freedom fighter searches the debris of a ruined city for evidence of a horrific crime; an ordinary boy is caught up in a bank robbery; and an activist journeys home for her ex-boyfriend’s funeral.

Ruzvidzo interweaves the past, present and future with a confidence often missing in a debutant, offering a uniquely compelling angle to the Zimbabwean experience.

"A deceptively simple and lucid storytelling style that pleases and surprises." - Chris Kabwato

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About the Book

Behind Enemy Lines is a collection of stories about ordinary people and anti-heroes dragged into a search for meaning in their lives – whether it is a simple search for identity and love or a bigger struggle for political freedom. The canvas of their actions, motivations and circumstances is a Zimbabwe of the past, present and future.

Humorous, acerbic, funny and tragic, the stories cover the whole gamut of emotions. Ruzvidzo has arrived on the scene with a deceptively simple and lucid storytelling style that pleases and surprises.

A lovely little collection of stories. Ruzvidzo sets aside the grand social and political themes common in certain African writing. Instead, he captures those understated moments of everyday life. The stories are compelling in their warmth and humor. Even where they explore tragic moments, the humor, drama, and suspense are there to lighten the impact on the reader. Keeps his writing grounded in a way that readers will find relatable.
Ruzvidzo writes on the cutting edge - his characters pawns or kings, depending on the readers' perception.  In 'The Order', set in 2023, Ruzvidzo's story of a military takeover of the country reveals some interesting parallels to Zimbabwe's own recent history and new president. His characters live through bullying, love, even deception by a parent, packing a seven-story punch with a bonus ending poem.
Stories that are bursting from the pages with life and wit, set alight by Ruzvidzo's colourful and heartfelt writing. Ruzvidzo does well to absorb the reader into the worlds he has created - his stories are rooted in the contemporary culture, politics, and landscapes of the nation.
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